Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stupid Cuteness!!!!!! :P

Hello to All!!!! Long time, NO write. I know... sorry. Anywho, I have been having massive problems with the internet, and it wouldn't let me do anything to my blog. I just realized that the problems started when I decided to make my blog look cute. So it turned out that the CUTENESS made my blog disfunctional. I now will have chronic UGLY blog, but a least I will be able to post. Hope everyone is well!!!!! I WILL write again soon!!!!!!!!
Ps: Here is some SONshine to brighten your day!!!!!


  1. He's so cute! That happened to me once I now just go to thecutestblogontheblock.com most of the time my computer can run it lol.. or scrapblog.com im so addicted to that one.. Hope you guys are good, love alisha and jakey too

  2. A little Elijah is all the cuteness your page needs. I love the "smile"! Hope all is well. Big hugs-Lynne